ChatGPT is nearly one year old

In a world where technological advancements are relentless, ChatGPT has swiftly become a digital cornerstone - not just in the real estate industry - but everywhere.

Can you believe that ChatGPT has been with us for nearly a year? 

It’s been a journey of excitement, apprehension and surprise - to name a few of the things I’ve felt in the past year as I’ve tested my new digital assistant in various ways.

And I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences.

But I want to know: How is it going, really?

I’m conducting a survey about how the real estate industry is adapting to a new era of AI for my Masterclass project (some of you have seen my posts about homework lately; this is also part of it!!)

I would love to get your insights, and as subscribers to AI-powered agents, your feedback will make an important contribution to the direction of this website and what I provide to you in the coming months.

The survey has 12 easy questions and should only take 2 minutes. I need 100 responses for a pass mark, so if you could share this with your friends and colleagues, I would be truly appreciative!

Of course, I’ll highlight the results here, but I aim to provide another free training and report on the results to everyone who completes this (not just paid subscribers!)

I think you’ll agree the answers should be interesting and a great benchmark of where we are at as an industry after a year on the new tools.

Please feel free to share that survey link with anyone you know in the industry (and even people who aren’t…)

I look forward to sharing these insights and resources with you.

With immense love and gratitude, Sam 💫

Please share this link here 👇🏻

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