ChatGPT can not only see, but speak and hear as well

On the go between opens? Your AI assistant now has a voice and can have a conversation with you.

Part of the “big update” for ChatGPT this month has been the ability to “see things”, but ChatGPT on the Mobile App can now speak and hear too.

Here’s a demo:

So, I don’t think Siri is entirely out of a job yet, but I have no doubt there’s more to come!

Happy Hunting 🚀

PS. I can’t hear any whipper-snipping in the background, can you? The tool I used to eliminate all of the background noise is

PPS. To illustrate this post, I was trying to generate an image depicting seeing, hearing and speaking. Eventually, I just asked ChatGPT what it looked like, and here’s what it gave me.

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