Capitalising on trends on social media

"Life in plastic, it's fantastic - Aqua"

I’m taking inspiration today from my friend Laura Shooter who dropped a beautifully generated pink image of Sydney into one of our Chat Groups.

There are posts about Barbie everywhere right now, and all afternoon I’ve had that earworm of a song by Aqua called Barbie World in my head.

But it got me thinking about how to capitalise on this Barbie trend on social media (particularly as an agent).

Yes, you could post about the real Barbie house (here’s a tour with Margot Robbie) or about an Airbnb experience for the superfans that may be amongst your followers (trust me, they are out there…).

But there are a few cute ways you can incorporate some Barbie fabulousness into your community and social media using Mid Journey.

(If you don’t have a MidJourney account yet, check the bottom of this post for a video)

Prompt(s) of the Day

/imagine barbie and ken on the Gold Coast, Australia in barbie movie, pink, bright colours, --ar 16:9

Try: Replacing [the Gold Coast, Australia] with [your city] or a local landmark

Now we need a caption, so over to ChatGPT (as always, I am using version 4)

I have generated an image of Barbie and Ken with Midjourney on the beach on the Gold Coast. I'm a real estate agent in that area. Could you give me some ideas for a caption that is entertaining and engaging for my followers?

And the responses aren’t too bad: (PSA If you’re seeing social posts from your friends with lots of emojis, it’s a dead giveaway that they are using ChatGPT and not editing them…don’t be that agent … )

  1. "Barbie and Ken are scouting their next beachfront property on the Gold Coast. Dream home, anyone? 🏖️🏠"

  2. "Even Barbie and Ken can't resist the allure of Gold Coast real estate. Beach vibes and dream homes await! 🌊🏡"

  3. "Barbie and Ken's day out! Exploring the best beach properties the Gold Coast has to offer. 🌞🏖️"

  4. "Dreaming of a beachfront home? Barbie and Ken are on the hunt on the Gold Coast! Let's find yours next. 🌴🏠"

  5. "Barbie and Ken are taking a break from house hunting to soak up the Gold Coast sun. Your dream home is just a call away! ☀️🏡"

  6. "From the Malibu Dream House to the Gold Coast beachfront – Barbie and Ken know where the prime real estate is! 🌊🏠"

  7. "Barbie and Ken's Gold Coast adventure: Sun, sand, and searching for the perfect beach home! 🏖️🏡"

  8. "Life's a beach when you're house hunting on the Gold Coast! Just ask Barbie and Ken. 🌞🌴"

  9. "Barbie and Ken's top tip: Invest in Gold Coast beachfront properties for endless summer vibes. 🏖️🏠"

  10. "Barbie and Ken taking in the Gold Coast views. Ready to find your slice of paradise? Let's chat! 🌊🏡"

As always, I would have a preference for the ones with the ‘light’ calls to action, to keep the social both social and fun.

Happy hunting 🚀

C’mon Barbie, let’s go party (the real estate edition)

Just for fun, all images generated in MidJourney, prompt results may vary…

/imagine barbie getting ready for real estate awards night --ar 16:9
/imagine Barbie and Ken, real estate event ready --ar 16:9
/imagine Barbie wins all the awards --ar 16:9
/imagine Barbie and Ken do the Macca's run after --ar 16:9
/imagine 5am club, Barbie and Ken the day after --ar 16:9
/imagine Barbie's real estate trophy cabinet --ar 16:9
/imagine barbie has won all the real estate awards and owns the world --ar 16:9

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