Can ChatGPT show emotion or tone of voice?

"The storyteller is the most powerful person in the room" - Steve Jobs

A question came up on LinkedIn last night:


There were lots of agreements and disagreements on this one, I found myself kinda on the disagree side.

ChatGPT can definitely mimic tones of voice and certain emotions when it comes to creating content, and it can do it really, really easily.

Let’s play

Write an email to my boss complaining about my excessively long working hours.

Here’s what we get - something pretty bland:

But this is no surprise; ask ChatGPT what its tone is by default, and this is what you get:

That’s confirmation enough for me that ChatGPT is, in fact, Neutral Janet from The Good Place…

So, let’s change the tone of the email from the previous example:

Write an email to my boss complaining about my excessively long working hours in the style of Jerry Seinfeld.

And as you can see from the screenshot above, the style here is totally different.

You could choose all sorts of styles here, famous (from William Shakespeare to Stephen Colbert) or almost famous, including your own (here is the post that will help with that).

The relevant words in Luke’s post, though, are “personal stories”. 

While ChatGPT can use different styles or tones in lots of different types of content personal stories are much harder for ChatGPT, which is why STORIES are part of my PAIRS model (yes, it’s the S in PAIRS)

And I hate to leave you on a Thursday cliffhanger, but I want to do that one justice and deal with it in some detail next week.

Happy Hunting! 🚀