An AI tools round-up

With new tools coming and going every day, it's time to take stock.

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on the last 12 months - particularly the AI Powered Agents course, which I’ve been delivering since August.

Unlike some presenters who choose topics that can be delivered for years without significant change, in my case, of the five sell-out dates I’ve completed, there have been significant changes to the content and the presentations every time.

For example:

And the list goes on.

That got me thinking about my own tech stack and how it’s changed over the last few months - so I’ve put together this handle little grid which shows what I use and how often.

The permanent fixtures that get daily use:

ChatGPT, Claude, Superhuman and Reclaim. The only tool I haven’t written about on this blog is Superhuman, as it’s taken me a while to get used to it - I was previously just a vanilla ‘Gmail’ kind of gal.

But now, like the other tools in this top left quadrant of awesomeness, I don’t think I could live without it. Superhuman just released a new feature in which AI summarises long threads, which I find a bit of a game changer.

And it is the fastest email client on the planet, particularly when it comes to searching, composing and more (I’ll have to do a post on it in the near future!)

The notable mentions that get used multiple times per week:

Notion, Descript, Midjourney and Captions app.

As you can see, I’ve posted about Descript and Captions before, and I post about Midjourney all the time.

At Elite Agent, we’ve recently moved to Notion for all our collaboration and project management - including The Brief, client work, the podcast and more - and AI is humming along in the background, ready to help with searching, creating content and more. Previously, we used both Monday and Notejoy, but Notion seems to have replaced both of these tools.

ChatTube only just missed out on the grid. I use that one to summarise YouTube videos, and it’s pretty effective.

Things I’m testing/The graveyard:

These tools are the tools I like to kick the can on; they change regularly for me, and they should for you, too.

If the tool doesn’t work for you, it should go to the graveyard either temporarily or permanently (If not, we will all die a slow death from oversubscribing to AI tools….)

At the moment, I’m pretty gobsmacked by the capabilities of Runway and Hey Gen. I’ve just been made aware of, which looks useful regarding things like travel planning, professional research and news briefings.

My one frustration in creating MaccaGPT was combining all of Macca’s articles together into one document, so now I’m testing a tool that looks as though it will do the job: Gobblebot.

I’m interested to know - how does your tech stack compare to mine right now?

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