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The corporate world quickly teaches us the value of experience, but it's the fresh perspective of youth that often paves the way for innovation." - Anonymous

Matt Lahood from The Agency is one of my favourite podcast guests, not just because he’s a great guy but also because of his accumulated 30+ year career in the industry.

This amounts to a fair bit of real wisdom, ask Matt any great question, and he has great answers that are instinctively what people out there want to know.

Matt is also a believer in continually educating himself, but when you have that much experience, who do you learn from?

The answer is (partly) the younger generation - and here is an example of that.

But it’s not only Matt that does this - he told me once he encourages young agents to ‘buddy up’ with more senior agents so they can learn from each other, which I think is pretty clever and the inspo for today’s prompt.

Today’s Prompt of the Day

I think no matter how much experience you have, it is totally worthwhile to listen to younger people about what they think, need and want in a service provider.

Heck, it was my daughter Amy who gave me the hot tip about managing my diary with Reclaim (a tool which I am even more in love with now than when I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago!)

And, let’s face it - innovation is likely to come from the younger generation looking for more efficient and better ways of doing things - because they always are!

So, continuing with this theme of letting ChatGPT be our ‘coach’ for the week, try this one on:

I'm a real estate agent. Could you please design for me a reverse mentoring program to learn from younger or less experienced colleagues, gaining insights into new perspectives and emerging skills?

Again, I’ll let you have a look at my chat here, which involves a follow-up question about how, as an experienced agent, I can add value to a new or younger person in the team. ChatGPTs answers here are pretty nice too.

Happy Hunting 🚀

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