3 ChatGPT Power Moves for Real Estate Professionals

A couple of tips on how to edit, search and re-use prompts in chatgpt.

Have you ever tried going back through your ChatGPT archives to find that excellent prompt or answer where the world between you and the robot was in complete sync?

If you’ve been using ChatGPT for a while, I’m betting you have.

This week, I accidentally deleted my adaptability quotient quiz. It happens. Too focused on other things, I cleaned up a little too much in my haste. (This has happened before, and sadly, I am sure it will happen again…!!)

I had a bit of help from the robot to design the scoring system and the output for the quiz itself, and I wanted all the work I had done back rather than wasting time trying to do it all from scratch again.

I thought to myself, “I know; I’ll just go back through my chat history….”

Can you search ChatGPT on the desktop?

The answer is no, you can’t. But there is a workaround!

So that’s the inspiration for a couple of power moves today that might help you in your workflow if you prefer ChatGPT over some of the other large language models.

Power Move 1: Search your previous chats

As I mentioned, you can’t (as I write this) search your previous chats on the desktop, but you can search chats up to December 2023 on the mobile app if you have it on your phone.

So the hack is to search for your prompt or answer on the mobile app using keywords you think it might contain.

When you find it, type “hi” as the prompt.

It doesn’t matter what ChatGPT responds with—updating a chat this way will automatically promote it to the very top of your desktop sidebar, where you can quickly access it.

Power Move 2: Tweak a prompt and compare outputs

This one is a pretty simple hack, but in the last week or so, I’ve realised that a few people aren’t aware of it.

That is, you can edit your prompts using the pencil and then compare the outputs to see which one you like best.

This is a bit of a time saver in those moments when you get your prompt almost right but not quite (it saves you from having to start again!).

Here’s a quick video demonstrating what I mean:

Tweak a prompt and compare the outputs

Power Move 3: Saving and recalling prompts

If you don’t like Hack #1, which involves searching for past prompts on the mobile app, you can try this one.

I’ve often been asked how I save prompts I reuse repeatedly.

One solution is to create a GPT - particularly if you need to use an external data source.

The other—up until now—I have mostly used Notion, which we use extensively in the workflows for The Brief and The Podcast.

My process is nothing fancy; it's just a copy-and-paste of the prompt from ChatGPT or Claude onto a Notion Page. Then, I can control F to search for my prompts (but unfortunately, it does not search my answers!).

Since then, I have discovered a Chrome Extension called AI Prompt Genius, which I’ve since decided to test.

It seems to provide a convenient way to create and search a personal prompt library from a sidebar within your Chrome browser or ChatGPT window (which you can easily copy to a ChatGPT or Claude window).

I’m currently using the free version, so I imagine if I uninstall the extension, I’ll probably lose my prompt library. The paid version has a cloud sync, so that may be worth looking into. I’ll let you know in one of our paid subscriber catchups (co-incidentally, one of those is happening Friday!)

I hope these ‘power moves’ were useful - let me know how you go!

Happy Hunting 🚀

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