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13 excellent (and practical) things you can do with ChatGPT as a realtor that will supercharge you in 2024

Who doesn't love a rapid fire end of year round up post?

OK - finally we are here - it’s my end-of-year post and I’m going to recap 13 of the most useful things you can do with AI and/or ChatGPT (Note if you want my top posts - ie what everyone else was reading - you can simply click here).

  1. You can now ‘chat to an image’ - which might be useful in real estate for writing listing descriptions, checking wear and tear, age etc

  2. How to write a better listing description than a human in less time by using marketing personas (if you want more on that there’s a 50-minute video I did here for paid subscribers on how to use this strategy to elevate your win rate)

  3. I asked ChatGPT what the future of the real estate industry is, and here is what it told me

  4. Yesterday I wrote about creating a diverse and adjacent skillset, here’s a start on how to do that.

  5. How to write better social media posts that actually start conversations (*because you can’t convert someone to being a client without a conversation)

  6. The story about Chantelle, the Brisbane Mum who appeared in the Fin Review and what that means for real estate… (that one comes with a side of how to create a website landing page quickly!)

  7. How to write custom instructions to get repeatably better results out of ChatGPT

  8. How custom instructions got taken over by GPTs: I created Hook Master (for better social media hooks) and MaccaGPT (for a dose of everyday real estate wisdom!)

  9. How to create processes to help onboard your latest real estate recruit

  10. How to translate your videos from English to another language using the Hey Gen beta

  11. An AI tools roundup (or what I’m using - and not using right now)

  12. The whole Letters from Santa strategy - supercharged with AI (If you’re new here, I guess you’ll be using this one next year now!!)

  13. How to use ChatGPT to proactively handle buyer objections (ie before they happen).

Thank you, everyone, for your support this year, I’ve enjoyed learning along with you all.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hunting 🚀

PS Our first paid subscriber webinar for 2024 will be on January 12, where we will unpack the results of my AI survey from November, as well as how to build a basic real estate coach GPT.

I know I keep saying I’m going to put the price up on being a paid subscriber and then get distracted (such is life!)

But the increase is happening on December 31, and it will be significant (I’m doubling the price).

This price increase won’t affect existing paid subscribers, so if you want to subscribe and get access to all of my past content and posts as well as future community events, virtual masterclasses, discounts on workshops and more - the best time to do this was earlier this year. 

The second best time - as all the motivational coaches say - is now. 

If 2023 was AI’s breakout year, 2024 will change the game. So if you want to get ahead of your competition, diving into this stuff is a great way to get there without putting in extra hours.

PPS: If you need any more reasons to subscribe, here’s my original 19 things list

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